In 2014 Cyma welcomes Spanish football star Xavi Hernandez as its new brand ambassador. He is the perfect embodiment of the brand slogan ‘In time you’ll know’, having this season been promoted to first captain of one of the world’s top clubs, FC Barcelona. The position was voted for by the whole first team squad, reflecting the esteem in which he is held by his peers.

Cyma selected Xavi because he has not only demonstrated exceptional sporting talent throughout his footballing career but he also upholds traditional values in both his professional and private life.

“This is an exciting experience for me, because Cyma is all about being in the moment, which is also the way I work,” said Xavi during the first photo shoot for the new advertising campaign. “That’s why I’m really happy to be their ambassador.”

Reliability and loyalty are important to Cyma, and Xavi possesses these qualities in abundance. He joined Barcelona in 1991, when he was 11 years old, and made his senior debut in 1998. He made an immediate impact, playing an important role in the league-winning season of 1998-99 and helping to turn round the team’s fortunes. Since then, he has notched up a record number of appearances for Barcelona.

"Xavi is a player who has the Barcelona DNA: someone who has the taste for good football, someone who is humble and someone who has loyalty to this club. From the first moment I saw him play, I knew he would become the brain behind Barcelona for many years to come,” said manager Pep Guardiola in 2008.

A sublime technician with a tremendous work-rate, Xavi is now widely recognised as one of the world’s greatest central midfielders and among the best playmakers of his generation. One of his nicknames is the Puppet Master, because he engineers the moves that enable strikers such as Messi to score winning goals. And on many occasions, he has delighted fans with goals of his own.

Another characteristic he shares with the Cyma brand is precision, having a reputation as one of the finest passers of the ball – essential for the intricate ‘tiki-taka’ style of play for which Barcelona is known. When Spain triumphed in the World Cup in 2010, Xavi provided the highest number of accurate passes in the whole tournament.

Little wonder then that the tagline for Cyma’s new advertisements featuring this footballing legend is ‘Precision is the key to mastering your own time’. On the day of the photo shoot, Xavi demonstrated his unsurpassed ball control with whatever object he was given… from a regular football to a shuttlecock (though he drew the line at an egg!)

“You know, control comes with time, and the biggest challenge was I didn’t know what was being thrown to me so I had no time to think,” he explained; “A football is easy for me. I know the weight, I know how it moves, the feeling when I kick it. But the rattan ball from South East Asia was much lighter than it looked. The Hong Kong plastic ball was fairly easy. The tennis ball was a bit harder because it’s so small. But the biggest challenge was the shuttlecock from China. I never saw this thing before. It moves very differently. They only told me later that each ball comes from a different Asian country, so it’s great I didn’t drop any of them!”

The new advertising visuals also list some of the notable achievements of Xavi’s career. As the heart and soul of the Barcelona team, he has contributed to an impressive record of winning seasons, including the historic treble of La Liga, World Cup and the Champions League. In 2009, he was voted the best midfielder of the Champions League.

He has won more trophies (25) than any other Spanish player, and was named player of the tournament for the Euro 2008 which Spain won, and World Soccer Player of the Year in 2010. He has been included in the UEFA Team of the Year five times, and the FIFA World XI six times.

Xavi has also shown admirable rigour and fortitude during his career. In 2005, he suffered a bad injury to his left knee when he ruptured his ligaments, but within five months he was back in action – motivated by his determination to participate in the World Cup.

Like Cyma, Xavi is a leader in his field. Off the field, he is a model of discretion and last year he settled down to married life. And his favourite hobby? Not for Xavi the lure of flashy nightclubs or fast cars. On an afternoon off, there is nothing he likes better than to go mushroom picking.

Having been for so many years the central cog of one of Europe’s most artful football clubs, Xavi is the perfect fit for a brand that prides itself on marrying technology with aesthetics, and Cyma looks forward to a fruitful partnership with this footballing legend.

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