In 2011, Cyma welcomed on board an exciting new brand ambassador in the shape of award-winning actor Liu Ye, who will help to further raise the brand’s profile in mainland China.

From his early roles as an ignorant and melancholy youth to his current on-screen persona of a strong and courageous leading man, Liu has a prestigious career history. Having been the youngest ever winner of the Best Actor award at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, however, he still experienced five anxious years out of the limelight. Today, Liu has moved on from the initial euphoria of flowers and applause, as well as the rumours and scandals that come as part and parcel of fame. He has achieved a balance between calm and passion, and his transition to the new role of fatherhood provides him with a grounding in reality as his career scale new heights of success. For this reason, he is the perfect embodiment of Cyma’s brand slogan, ‘In time you’ll know’.

Commenting on his appointment as Cyma’s brand ambassador, Liu says: “I feel honoured. A watch is more to me than simply a tool to read the time. It reflects my approach to life. What I really like about Cyma is not only its combination of top Swiss watch craftsmanship and elegant, timeless design, but also its continuous dedication to high quality and its spirit of innovation.”

Just as Cyma has continually evolved its designs for 150 years, so Liu Ye is constantly enhancing his acting performances to meet the many tests and trials that arise in the film industry. The result is an outstanding talent, class and charisma that are a perfect match with Cyma’s brand vision and character.